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This order, if enforced, would have resulted in cam])s as sanitary as those of the Spanish- Ameri- can \\'ar, one hundred and twenty-two years later. Unfortunately it was poorlv enforced, as it was in 1898. In Februar}-, General Lee, in a letter to Con- gress, suggested that a hospital be established in New York without loss of time. The work of building a hospital in Xew York (the second in America) had been commenced in 1771 and finished in 1774, to be burned down and rebuilt in 1775. Bui the necessity for barracks preceding that for a hos- pital, the unfinished hospital building, at the recom- mendation of the Committee of Safety, was occu- pied by the troops as quarters. It was afterward used combivent inhaler coupon by the British troops, but chiefly as barracks. Private homes were taken and (with King's Col- lege) formed the principal reliance for hospitals. They were safer, on account of the consequent sep- aration of the sick, during the prevalence of dysen- tery and typhus. On April 3rd, while still in Bos- ton, Medical Director Alorgan received the follow- ing letter from the General : As the Grand Continental Army . . . will, as soon as combivent inhalers it buy combivent online is practicable, be assembled at New York, you combivent inhaler price are, with all convenient speed, to remove the general hospital to that city. As the sick in the different houses cannot be moved, but must be attended to until they are able to march, you will leave such surgeons, surgeons' mates, apothecaries, and attendants under the direction of (Sur- geon to be combivent nebulizer selected by Dr. Morgan) as are necessarj- for the care of the sick now in the general hospital. The medicine, stores, bedding, etc.. etc., not immediately want- ed in the general hospital, should be loaded in carts, that will be provided next Saturday by the Asst. Q. M. Gen- eral, and sent under the care of a proper officer, or buy combivent officers of the hospital, to Norwich, Connecticut. Upon their ar- rival there they will find his Excellency's orders, and how and in what manner to proceed from thence, whether by land or water. The medicines ordered upon his Excellency's applica- tion, by the honorable the General Court of this Province, to be taken out of the town of Boston, should be sent with the first of the hospital stores that go to Norwich, a careful person having order to take charge of the same. The fixing and completing of the regimental chests, ac- cording combivent cost to your combivent mdi plan, had better be deferred until your arrival at New York, when they may be set about under your inspection. Before you leave Cambridge it will be necessary combivent inhaler coupons to see a proper regimental medicine chest provided and delivered to each of the surgeons of the four regiments left in gar- rison there under the immediate command of Major Gen- eral Ward ; also a chest for Colonel Glover's regiment, on command at Beverly. Reposing entire confidence in your care, diligence and zeal for the service, I remain satisfied combivent coupon of your best exer- tions for the public benefit. Given at combivent udv Cambridge Headquarters, 3rd day of April, 1776. George Washington. To Dr. John Morgan. This letter is quoted to buy combivent inhaler show the interest taken by the General even in the details of the medical de- partment of the army. Dr. Morgan, in his Vindication, gives some in- formation as to the sick left behind in the Boston hospitals, and also of the supplies that he had col- lected. They seem pitifully meagre now, but he evidently was proud of them. Many of these sup- plies had been abandoned by the British, on cheap combivent leav- ing Boston. When the troops marched from Cambridge for New York, all the sick were left behind in the General Hos- pital, amounting to upwards of 300 men. In less than si.x weeks, combivent coupons during which time but combivent inhaler few died, I was able to discharge the hospital of every man, to settle and pay every account, insomuch as never to have had any further demands from that quarter. During this time, with little or no expense to the public, but combivent price for package and transportation, I collected combivent dosage medicines, furniture, and hospital stores, worth many thousand pounds, and sent them on combivent neb to New York. The like quan- tity I apprehended could not be procured in any (other) part of America. Besides these, I was able by means of the subaltern officers in the hospital, some of whom I employed continually at this work, likewise to collect near to the amount of two thousand rugs and blankets, near as many bedsacks and pillows, which w-ere taken up from docks, and were gathered from hospitals and barracks, etc., etc. These being washed and aired, served the last campaign, when none other could- be got, and many of them are yet in good preservation (1777). In New York combivent dose I collected some hundred sheets, fracture boxes, and other useful articles. It may be thought that I place a higher value on these acquisitions than they merit ; be that as it may, I am per-

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